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Prior to the Outbreak of War

Eddie Chapman was born near Tyneside in Northern England in November 1914. He was brought up and lived there for most of his early life.

During the depression during the 20's and 30's, when times were hard Eddie formed the 'Gelignite Gang' which were a group of safe-breakers who where the first to use the newly discovered explosive. The thefts were mainly concentrated on Odeon Cinema's, the explosive was pushed into the lock and exploded, and thus breaking the lock and revealing its contents.

Eddie was caught in Scotland but was bailed, the Gang fled to Jersey where one of his partners wrote a letter to his girlfriend but it was intercepted by Scotland Yard and they were re-captured. They then were held in Jersey prison awaiting trial, but war broke out, and before Eddie even knew a war had started the Germans were already in control of the Island of Jersey.


The War Years

When Eddie found out that the Germans had control of Jersey he demanded to see the Commanding Officer. After a couple of days he finally saw the Commander and it is rumoured that it was here that he made his offer to the Germans.

The offer was that in exchange for his freedom, the Germans would hire him as a spy and a saboteur in Britain. After a couple more days Eddie was moved into occupied France and into a mixed French prison.

Finally after a long time Eddie was lead out of the prison by a troop of Germans, he was then put up against a firing squad.......

But......The firing squad was a mock-up Eddie was not killed they only wanted the British government to think that.

Eddie was then taken to Germany where he was trained in Sabotage, Radio Techniques and he was also taught German.

Then in 1942 Eddie was to take part in his first mission. He was dropped in Cambridgeshire with orders to blow up a factory called De Havillands. However Eddie had other plans, when he landed he contacted Winston Churchill's wartime government and then became Agent Zig-Zag.

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